Swiss Eco Tap gewinnt weltweit wichtigsten Nachhaltigkeitspreis

The Innovative Faucet earns the «2015 Green GOOD DESIGN™ Award»


Swiss Eco Tap, the innovative revolutionary faucet, has won the 2015 Green GOOD DESIGN™ Award, which represents one of the most important examples of sustainable design for our world environment. Worldwide many areas do suffer from a severe water crisis and the Swiss Eco Tap is a significant tool in conserving our water supplies.

The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design, in cooperation with the European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies endowed multiple award winner Rolf Senti, a Swiss designer, with the award for the performance of the Swiss Eco Tap. The original GOOD DESIGN founded in Chicago in 1950 remains the oldest and most important Awards Program worldwide in contemporary design. This year’s award was selected from over 100 submissions of examples of green design from 22 nations.
The Swiss Eco Tap will be showcased in a special exhibition at the Museum of Architecture and Design hosted by The European Centre and The Chicago Athenaeum in Athens, Greece along with the other winning Green GOOD DESIGN products and buildings in June 2015.

The Swiss Eco Tap invented by Rolf Senti, manufactured by Astra Resources, saves 100 % of energy and reduces water consumption by 90 %. After more than five years of research and tests in Europe and the Middle East, the Swiss Eco Tap entered the market in late 2014. On a daily basis the Swiss Eco Tap will cut the wastes of water by nearly 100%, and as no hot water is used the energy demand drops to zero when using this faucet. The Swiss Eco Tap requires a minimum water pressure of PSI 29 to 36,25 (2 to 3 bar), and uses a special spray technology that creates a water mist without hot water treatment. This produces an optimal sensation of cleanliness when washing hands, and it leaves a pleasant feeling on the skin.

The Swiss Eco Tap can be used and installed in a vast amount of places such as hotels, office buildings, government locations, schools, hospitals, universities and various modes of transportation, including: airplanes, trains, buses, boats and recreational vehicles, as well wudu/ablution. In Fall 2015, the Swiss Eco Tap will also be available as a hands-free automatic faucet design. The implementation of the Swiss Eco Tap comparing to a normal faucet spout can easily prevent and counteract the effects of drought in any place around the world.

In 1995, Senti founded Bagno Sasso Mobili in Landquart, Switzerland, a company dedicated to providing excellence in interior design via luxury bathrooms, spas and living spaces. Today his company provides stunning, elegant designs all over the world. The Swiss Eco Tap is installed in several cities in Switzerland as well as the ski resort area of Arosa/Lenzerheide. Furthermore, it is utilized in the world’s first zero-energy skyscraper hotel “Aquaturm” in Radolfzell, Germany, in the headquarters of eBay, Switzerland, and at the international airport of Timisoara, Romania.

The Swiss Eco Tap has received several awards including the 2015 Green GOOD DESIGN award, the Swiss Marketing Prize 2015, the SBID International Design Excellence Award 2014 and the “Best Product 2014" German Innovation Prize Plus X Award. The Swiss Eco Tap was also nominated for the Design Prize Switzerland Award 2013, the German Design Award 2015, the Global Cleantech Customer Association Award 2014 in America, the Zurich Climate Prize, and the Swiss Ethics Award. With the extensive research and testing that was put into this product, this device is considered the world's most sustainable faucet to date.

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