Exklusive Holzwannen

Wooden bathtub Ocean Shell

The OCEAN Shell wooden bathtub is a genuine, premium product. This product is particularly impressive, due to its unique shell shape, as well as its remarkably elaborate production process. Selected technology from Formula 1 is employed in the creation of this tub, and true high-tech components further enhance it. Each and every model is indisputably unique, as all wooden bathubs in the OCEAN range are crafted by hand to ensure the creation of an exclusive wooden structure. Other types of wood bathtubs can be used upon request, so that you are able to create your own special tub. Our employees will assist and advise you in turning your individual conceptions into reality. This special tub is surrounded by a bed of gravel, which is designed to prevent the tub from overflowing. A system, which has been developed with a lot of dedication to detail, ensures that the water is able to drain freely. The OCEAN Shell wooend bathtub is available with or without this gravel bed. We always make sure that your wishes and desires are fulfilled, so that you are able to obtain the perfect tub for you from Bagno Sasso. Our tubs can be found, amongst others, in luxury apartments, in honeymoon suites, in yachts, and in palaces.

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